Ice and fire coursing, filling me, as my eyes glow and change. Wings sprout, emblazen ready to take flight, but there she is, and I won't leave her behind. She deserves protection, and love, and all that's good in the world. Strong on our own, unstopable together. Powering down, I go to her because love … Continue reading 11.24.2021


Burning with passion, terrifyingly protective, you make me feel everything at once. My blood burns in a way I don't understand. It consumes me, sets me ablaze. But you still don't believe, thinking I'll leave, but I never will. You're scared, I'm not. I'd use this lightning to set the world on fire. Would you?


Misunderstood at times you feel alone, know that you're not. People care, and feel and want what's best for you. To see you filled with love and light and joy and unadulterated bliss. I want you to feel loved, to feel whole, to thrive. Each day, more feel this way. My wish is to continue … Continue reading 10.06.2021


Do you ever go numb? Like you wanna feel something, anything, but nothing happens. No joy, sadness, fear, not even pain. It's like falling while standing still. A puzzle with missing pieces, no way to find them. Just stuck with no way out. The door is locked and the key hidden. If only I could … Continue reading 09.22.2021


The best people from all over come together, to celebrate quality, love, and friendship. To honour kindness, beauty, and brilliance. Some struggles, but mostly wonder. Because together we are more. We are strong. We are resilient. All of us spectacular. We are Earpers.


Come back to me, hear me calling. I know you can, if you try. Why'd you leave? To save me? I don't feel saved or protected. I feel torn and in pain. I wish you were here, that you could stay. Did you want to? Want me? Can you hear me?